Wednesday, April 7, 2010

San Luis Obispo Weekend

A few weekends ago (March 21st) our videography business participated in yet another bridal show.  This time it was out of town at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California! In my opinion it was the best show for us so far and it turned out to be a great little weekend getaway! We went into the show with the entire Premier Event Specialists group which made for an even more fun and successful weekend/ show.

We went up Saturday morning and were SO lucky that one of the members of our group had some major connections to hook us up with a BEACH HOUSE for the night! I literally could not believe my eyes overlooking the gorgeous Avila Beach.  It was so unbelievably beautiful!

That night we went out wine tasting (or hanging out enjoying the scenery for us non-drinkers) at Sexton Winery. We scouted for some possible shooting locations and absolutely LOVED the look of the area. Andy couldn't resist getting a few shots.

Afterwards we went out to eat at THE BEST Italian restaurant I've ever eaten at.  I can't remember the name of my dish but it was a baked rigatoni with meatballs.  So good!  Max made me laugh with his coloring (although I can't exactly say we spared our paper tablecloth either).

 Andrew and I

Soon to be married, Kim and Ricky!  Kim is our amazingly talented new employee.  Her fiance, Ricky, came up for the evening to hang out.  I can't wait to help shoot their wedding in a couple months!

For fun we taught the group how to Indian Leg Wrestle... I lost every game BUT to be fair I was the only one in the room that had every had a baby, hence the total lack of stomach muscles.

After that we taught them the stick-pull game.  By the picture above I'm sure you can tell who dominated that game.

Here's an Iphone shot of the Madonna Inn the day before the show.  It was such a cool venue!  Complete with goats just chilling on the rocks.

The Freestyle guys just prior to the show.

I'm working on getting some pictures of the actual show.  If your interested in seeing those and reading more about the show itself check out the Higher Definition Media blog.

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