Thursday, April 29, 2010

We went to Disn... Denny's!

One day we made all the arrangements to take the kids to Disneyland! We had promised the kids that if Evelyn stopped sucking her thumb and Preston started going in the potty then we'd take them to Disneyland. Well that very exciting day came and we got the kids all dress up and ready, packed for a day out and hit the road. Little did we know but the 5 was CLOSED! Thank goodness we had agreed to surprise the kids and not tell them where we were going otherwise we would have had some major issues. After sitting in traffic for what seemed like forever we were turned around at the base of the grapevine. We didn't dare turn around and go home so we decided to make the morning of it. We stopped at Denny's and enjoyed a family breakfast. We let the kids pick whatever they wanted on the kids menu, which they loved. If my memory serves me right Preston had pancakes and Evelyn had mac n' cheese. We just had a fun time hanging out and the day was somewhat made up. We even went to the park afterwards. It certainly wasn't the "happiest place on earth" but at least it wasn't a complete wreck and the kids never suspected anything. It'll be one of those stories we tell the kids when they get older, the day we almost went to Disneyland.

Like father like son!  The adorably handsome men in my life.

Me and my best girl.

(We may have done some goofing off during breakfast)

We still plan on taking the kids to Disneyland but haven't as of yet.  They both remind me of our "deal" on a regular basis.  Evelyn has completely broken her thumb sucking habit and I'm proud to say no longer rely's on her nappy headed baby doll.  And Preston is almost 100% with his potty training!  My kids are growing up way to fast and they definitely deserve a trip to Disneyland.


  1. Isn't so much fun when kids are so easy to please!!! They are so cute!! I miss them so much.

  2. How funny! I've missed your posts--looking forward to more!

  3. LOL.. Love it.. I don't think I will ever be able to drive past a Denny's without thinking of the day you almost went to Disneyland...

  4. Love the updates. And your blog is looking so cute.

  5. I can totally picture those two living it up at Dennys. Par-tay! My kids, not so much. ::RIP nappy hair doll::

  6. I've enjoyed reading all the updates. Glad to see you are all alive and well. Miss you guys!