Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer days

This summer, because of our busy schedules, we didn't get to spend quite as much time in the pool as we normally would but we did get some good swimming time in.  Here's a couple of my favorite pool pictures...

The kids in their swimming suits!  They have the most adorable smiles.  This is definitely the last year Preston will fit in his little green floaty suit which makes me a little sad.

 The kids were just a little excited to go swimming.  I believe this was their first swim of the summer!  I promise this is Preston's excited face.  I think he's overdoing it just a bit though ;)

After their first swim or two the kids were back to where they were last year.  They were both comfortable with the deep end usually preferring it to the shallow end.  But Evelyn, no matter how many times she attempted to jump off the board could never bring herself to do it.  Maybe next year...

 Preston's showing off for the camera while drying out in the sun.  I love this cheeky smile!

 This picture has a funny story to it... This was the day I taught Preston that it was alright for boys to go potty (#1) outside in the bushes if it was an emergency.  He was pretty excited about this fact and let's just say he may have taken it a step too far!  I promise this did NOT happen in the pool.

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