Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kid Update

Hey, it's Frankenstein Head here!  I forgot to mention that I have a new nickname.  Not exactly flattering but certainly fitting.  I very briefly considered attempting to walk through a metal detector today but... I opted out at the last minute.  I am doing much better though in case you're wondering.  The whiplash is gone, the wound is a little itchy but doesn't hurt, I'm taking my meds so no infection and the staples come out in just a few days.
And speaking of wellness, the kids each had their well visit to the doctor recently.  Other than Preston's constant runny nose from his allergies they are both doing well and growing perfectly according the the growth chart.  Preston is now 33 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds 5 ounces.  Evelyn is 37.3 inches and weighs 31 pounds.  The only bad news to report is that Evelyn has a tiny plastic bead stuck in her right ear so unfortunately I have to make another appointment on Monday to get it out.  Kids... man!  But it does explain a few things.  The past couple weeks she's been asking me over and over to repeat things and when I tell her something she'll say it back to me completely wrong.  So, hopefully it's no trouble getting it out and things can return back to normal.  But other than that the kids are growing and changing much too quickly.  

One new thing about Evelyn is that she has finally mastered coloring in the lines.  One day I was coloring with her and I was watching her scribble all over the paper with no regard to the picture at all.  Then I picked up a crayon and started coloring along with her and I guess in that short amount of time something clicked.  After a few minutes I started to make dinner and to my amazement I returned to find her coloring in the lines and she's been doing it ever since.  

A funny story with Evelyn happened a few weeks back.  Some of you may have heard this already but I thought it was funny enough to keep in my records.  So, the story goes;  One day Evelyn sees a picture of a lion and starts asking about it.  So with my limited amount of knowledge I went on to describe to her what a lion does, what it eats, what sound it makes and that it has a mane.  And I taught her that a mane is the hair all around it's neck.  Well, a few days later we're at church and Evelyn is sitting on Andy's lap feeling his beard and all of a sudden out of the blue she says to him "Daddy, I like your mane".  After that I had the hardest time making it all the way through sacrament keeping a straight face.

Other things about Evelyn are that she is obsessed with the color red.  She enjoys having her picture taken and has the cheesiest smile.  Every night when she goes to bed she tells me "Good night sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs and the alligators bite".  She detests anything even remotely spicy and she is terrified of loud noises.  I've been teaching her the ABC's and colors and she's catching on very fast.  Her very best friends are Eliza, Brayden, and Preston.  And... in case your wondering (which I know you are, don't lie) she is STILL crazy about her Baby.  I know, what can I say, she's had it since she was a year old and she's attached.

As for Preston, he's done a good deal of growing lately.  He talks about a million words per minute, only about half of which actually make sense.  He looks dang cute in his little swimsuit and he's a pretty good little swimmer to boot.  For the longest time he would say "Thank you, Dadda" to EVERYONE.  He has a fear of lizards.  The other day I took the kids around to the front of my in laws house and we saw a ginormous lizard that was almost close enough to touch.  Evelyn reached out to pet it and Preston screamed.  I don't think he realized until it moved that it was actually alive.  Now when we go out there he tells me, "I scary" and he keeps a very watchful eye out for any lizards.  He's mastered all the major body parts and facial features.  One of my favorite things to hear him try to say is glasses.  It comes out "glathes", his little tongue sticking out trying to make the "s" sound.  The other day I was pretty proud of myself when I deciphered one of his sentences.  Turns out "iwannaitpadely" is his way of saying I want a peanut butter and jelly (sandwich).  Who knew?  But now that's almost all I hear when I ask him what he wants to eat.  I guess it is his favorite.  One thing I should mention about Preston is his constant need to use the bathroom stool.  It drives me crazy!  It's almost never where it should be because he's always picking it up and moving it around with him.  He played his first video game the other day, the fish arcade game on the Xbox.  He's such a cute kid.  He puts up with his bigger (sometimes bully) of a sister but he manages to hold his own.  And for the most part they're pretty good playmates.

They're both great kids and I love them a lot!  I love watching them grow and become the little people that they are.


  1. I love this post! Preston looks like a total big boy. They're both adorable too. Well, keep healing Frankenstein Head.

  2. You are blogging up a storm! Great job! I liked reading about the kids. They are looking so cute. And Preston reminds me of Andy so much when he was little.

  3. Okay, I just have to say that your head kinda grossed me out a bit. I cant believe how big your kids are! Its weird not to see you guys as often as we used to. I hope all is well, Take care!

  4. I loved reading about your kids! They are so cute and I miss them so much. It's hard living so far away, so I appreciate all the updates you are doing!