Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Week with the "Shederton" Boys

April 19th- 26th

As I mentioned a couple blogs back I got to watch my 3 totally "RAD" nephews, Brains, Cracker & Char Char. My week with the boys was definitely hectic, no question, but also a lot of fun. They really are great kids and I enjoyed getting to know each one of them. I also got a chance to experience what it would be like to have 5 kids all at once and let's just say it's not going to happen for me anytime soon. The kids all did great considering the circumstances and they all managed to survive a week with their Aunt Amber and Mean Uncle Andy.

Brains was a huge help taking care of the little ones and making dinners. One of the first nights he just up and decided that he wanted to make everyone breakfast for dinner. It was great!, complete with pancakes, eggs, AND bacon. It was also great to have a kid old enough to be able to have a conversation with. Brains is a super smart kid (hence the nickname) and it was great getting to chat with him.

Cracker was great too. Evelyn really took a liking to him. He really took the time to play with her which was so sweet. He always managed to include Evelyn in everything he was doing and I really appreciated that. She was like his little buddy for the week. Another fun thing about Cracker is that about mid week he lost a tooth so I had my very first experience with the tooth fairy. It was fun to watch him get all excited about his tooth and it made me excited for when my own kids get to go through that. Also, the sweet kid that he is, one morning he got up extra early and decided to make breakfast for us which was so sweet.

Char Char was just so adorable. He has the strangest obsession with the movie Gremlins. I lost track on like the third day how many times we had watched it. Plus, when he wasn't watching it he was humming the Gremlins theme song over and over. By the end of the week I actually caught myself doing it too. He and Evelyn had a pretty varied relationship throughout the week. They're fairly close in age compared to the others which meant they had similar personalities but unfortunately they also had all the same social dysfunctions which made for an interesting combination. At times they were like old friends but 5 minutes later they would be worst enemies. During the day while the older boys were at school I just had the 3 little ones which was really kind of fun. We went to the park a couple of the days and one day I took them out to lunch.

Here's some pictures of the week.

Cracker and Evelyn.

Char Char wanted to be "Muscle Man" at the park.

Brains making his delicious pancakes.

Cracker proudly showing off his newly liberated tooth.

Evelyn LOVED the trampoline. I literally had to drag her off of it several times.

(Sorry I just had to throw this picture in)
Cousins in the bath.

Char Char showing me how to blow bubbles.

Evelyn's first attempt at blowing a bubble.

Preston watching the older kids jump on the trampoline.

At the park, Evelyn climbed all the way up to the top of this swirly thing. I was so proud.

Our breakfast in bed from Cracker. Yummy!

Little kid lunch


  1. Hooray!!! This was my fave post ever! ::wink wink:: The kids loved looking at these pictures and remembering how Aunt Amber came to stay with them. You guys did an AMAZING job watching all those kids and I'm so grateful they got to spend so much time with you. You're such an aweseom Aunt and Uncle. Even when Andy put Brains in a timeout for an entire movie length. ::giggle::

  2. What cute kids and such a fun week!

  3. Our boys loved you! Thanks for not letting them die when we were gone.

  4. Those boys are great. I love them too. Looks like you did a great job and you guys had fun!

  5. That breakfast in bed look DELICIOUS!!!! I have been made many of those myself. You are pretty lucky.