Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry to keep everyone hanging. I'm sure by now you're all totally annoyed by my "Single Mom" post. I can't believe it's been an entire month since I've updated my blog. Well, a lot has happened in the past month. I'll slowly try to get caught up over my next few blogs. Some of them may seem a bit old to everyone but since this is the closest thing I have to a journal I want to include them anyway.

April 19, 2008-

First things first, most of you already know that we're moving. We've been in the process of packing for the past few weeks which is one of the main reasons for my not blogging (that and the fact that Andy needed our computer for his new office) so at the moment I am without. We've applied for several apartment managing positions but have yet to hear anything back from any of them. The plan now is to move into Andy's parents' guest house. They are totally awesome to offer it to us and we greatly appreciate it. It's actually probably going to be much better for our family anyway. It's a tad bit bigger than our last house and has 2 bathrooms (thank goodness!). Right now we're in sort of a transition period. This week, however, Andy and I are actually taking a nice little break from packing and we're taking care of my 3 super awesome nephews. Today was our first day and Evelyn is just loving it!


  1. YOUR ALIVE!! dont worry, lindsey never blogs either, except about clogs!

  2. Good to see you've posted again. Good luck with the move and hope it all works out well for you! How nice you are watching those Waite boys.

  3. I've missed your updates. Glad things are going ok. I hope your move goes well and you are able to find an apartment managing job. Good luck and have fun this week with those boys!!

  4. Is that Grandma Bailey old pad your moving into??? Good to hear your still around.