Saturday, December 1, 2007

Preston's Blessing

Last Sunday (November 25th) along with being our 5 year engagement anniversary was also Preston's blessing. Andy did such an amazing job on the blessing as always. He's so funny because as far as I know he doesn't decide what to say beforehand or memorize it or even jot down notes the week before. If it were me I would take hours and hours of planning to know exactly what to say but not Andy, he just jumps right in and lets the spirit do it's work. He also rarely ever remembers anything that he said afterwards. Anyway, knowing that, I made a mental note of some of the things said in the blessing and thought I'd get them down in writing for future reference. First of all he was given the name Preston Erwin Waite. His name is special because the middle name Erwin is Andy's middle name, his Grandpa Waite's middle name and his Great Grandpa Waite's first name. After receiving a name Preston was advised to always look to the people in the circle for any problems or difficulties that he may have. To set a good example to those around him and to uphold his name. After that he was told that if he chose the right he would get the opportunity to go on a mission, get married in the temple, and live for eternity with his future wife in the Celestial Kingdom.

I love my son very much! Every day I am even more amazed at how much he is learning and growing. He has THE MOST amazing smile and he's not afraid to share it with everyone and anyone. He's ticklish just about everywhere but mostly under his little arm pits. He's big on the cooing and raspberry blowing and he is always amused by his big sis. I can sit with him trying to get him to laugh and Evelyn will walk over and talk complete gibberish to him and he laughs right away. I know that he will be a great man someday and that he will set high standards for himself and for those around him. I know that he will be a great example to his siblings and to others outside our family. I know that he will do great things and I look forward to watching his continued progress through life!

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