Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Last week my sister Nichole watched Preston & Evelyn for a few hours for me and she took some stinkin' cute pictures (I actually stole these from her blog so I hope she doesn't mind). My sister has 3 adorable little kids that all have their own little personalities. Joshua, the oldest is 3, Eliza is 23 months, and Aubrey is 5 months. They are probably 3 of the most outgoing and adventurous little kids I've ever met; even Aubrey, the baby. Evelyn gets along with them really well. She thinks Joshua is the funniest person in the whole world and it's so funny to watch them together because when Joshua laughs Evelyn laughs too. I'm still not sure whether she's laughing AT him because of funny things he does or if she's just trying to laugh WITH him. Either way it's pretty dang cute. And Evelyn & Eliza together is just trouble waiting to happen. They follow each other around taking turns being the leader looking for whatever they can get into. And last but not least, Aubrey at 5 months is ALREADY trying to bond with her little cousin, Preston. My sister was telling me that while they were at her house the other day she separated the 3 older kids from the babies so they wouldn't get run over. When she went back in the room to check on the babies Aubrey who can't quite crawl yet had somehow managed to get all the way across the room to check out Preston. What's funny too is that Preston & Aubrey, even though there is almost a four month gap in between them, are almost the same size. My niece is so little and petite and Preston is well... getting a little on the hefty side. Preston has bigger hands, bigger feet, a bigger head, and he might even weigh more. I have the cutest little nieces and nephews. My kids are so lucky to have cousins around the same age and so many too! As of now, they have 3 on my side and 17 on Andy's side.


  1. Amber your kids are SOOOO cute. I can't wait to see you guys after Christmas. It's going to be crazy fun in this house with 14 adults and 17 kids. WOW!!! Kiss your kids for me. Anna

  2. I don't mind that you got the pictures from my blog. It just means that I need to send you some. And its easy to take such cute pictures when all five of them are such cute kids.

  3. SO CUTE!! I can't wait to see you guys next mongh!!