Monday, October 15, 2007

Catching up!

It feels like it's been a little while since I've updated my blog so I thought I'd write one and do a little catching up. So... first of all last Saturday I had to run over to the bank to pay a bill so while I was over there I decided to stop by the park and let Evelyn play for a little while.
The funny thing is we just happened to run into Richard, Emma, and Cate and we got to visit with them for a while. The Thurston girls are so cute and sweet! They were so nice to Evelyn and they all played really well together. When they left Evelyn was quite disappointed that she couldn't go with them.

A few people have asked me how things have been going since my "mother of two" post and I am proud to say that I think I may actually have a handle on things now. I certainly can't say that I'm a pro or that I ever will be for that matter but I think I've got it under control. This last week Preston was scheduled for yet another doctors appointment. Everything went quite smooth. I was up and moving at 8:00, paid a few bills and took a shower before Evelyn woke up at around 8:30. I fed Evelyn some breakfast while I got myself ready and picked out clothes for the kids. After breakfast I ran a bath and stuck both the kids in at the same time which saved me a ton of time and directly after their bath I dressed them, put shoes on everyone, packed the diaper bag and we were out the door. The whole time managing to stay completely calm and not run around like a crazy person. We managed to be right on time (that's right- "right on time"). And actually, the appointment before this one which I didn't get a chance to write about, we were "early" and I still managed to get gas on the way there. It's kinda sad because it seems like such a small thing but I'm actually pretty proud of myself. Anyway, the appointment went well. Preston is now 22 inches and weighs 11 pounds 4 ounces. He got 3 shots and he actually handled it pretty well. Luckily for me neither one of the kids have another appointment until the end of December so for now everyone gets a little bit of a break from these appointment blogs.

OK, I lied. AFTER this blog you get a break because Evelyn also had an appointment this last week. We took her to see an ophthalmologist for her eyes. A few months back Andy and I started to notice that every once in a while Evelyn's eyes would turn out and look in totally opposite directions, I think it's known as wall eyed. I looked up her symptoms and they fit under a condition known as Intermittent Strabismus. The ophthalmologist was a total waste of time. He looked at her eyes with a light for like 30 sec. and told us that they were totally normal and that there was no need to fix them unless they got a lot worse (a lot worse meaning they were stuck pointed out permanently). He also said that at that point the only way to fix them would be surgery. I asked him about vision therapy and trying to train the eye to stay straight and told him that surgery was going to be my last resort and his reply was that it was a "waste of time". His one and only solution to the problem was surgery. So basically we will NOT be going back to see him again and now I don't know what to do. I've heard that all ophthalmologist feel the same way so I don't really care to see another one of them and there is someone in town that specializes in cases like Evelyn's but of course she doesn't accept our insurance. So... I don't know, I'll probably call the insurance place again and beg them to pay for it and if not I'll just pay for it out of pocket. We'll see...

This last Saturday I took the kids to the soccer park to watch my little brother play. Kory's an awesome soccer player and an all around great athlete. He's a natural at anything sports related. He plays soccer for the older Tehachapi club team, he plays for the High School Varsity team, he runs track, does cross country, and somehow finds the time to BMX and ride dirt bikes. This Saturday he played 2 games. The first was a team from out of town that unfortunately they lost to and the second game they played against the other team from Tehachapi and they won 5-1.


  1. Thanks for the update Amber! I've been wondering how things are going. Good job on handling the new Mother of Two thing! It's tough, I know. Just count your blessings you aren't in my shoes. I'm the CRAZY mother of FIVE! About Evelyn's MUST go get a second opinion and tell them the family history. Tell the doctor is has an aunt and FIVE cousins with the same condition. It is very hereditary and glasses can fix the situation. Trust me, I've been through this a lot. What a loony doctor!

  2. Yeah, it took me about two months getting used to two kids. It gets easier, but there are those days when they are both against you it seems.

    Definitely get a second opinion on her eyes, maybe your pediatrition ca recommend someone, unless that was who was recommended!

    I'll be in Bakes tomorrow (Thurs) for one of our appointments. Maybe I'll come by and meet the new one! I will definitely call in the morning!

  3. Love you blog. I took Hayden to a pediatric opthomologist in Fresno because I couldn't get the answers I needed in Bakersfield. You might want to look into that for Evelyn. Also you need to go to, it's a good one!

  4. Penelope Suter is probably who would want to take her to, but most insurances don't cover the treatments she uses. This is completely ridiculous because it is not a structual thing you can fix with surgery, its a physiological problem that you have to train the eye to overcome. I kinda know a lot about this stuff and have books I could show you. We should talk!!

  5. Thanks for the great update! I still can't get over the fact that your two month old and my 6 month old are the same size. It just so funny! There both so cute though. I agree with everyone else about Evey's eyes. I hate to see her have to go through surgery on something that could have been corrected through glasses. Good luck with that! Give my niece and nephew a big hug for me!

  6. Eye problems are the new black, tho.