Friday, October 23, 2009

Zombie High~ The Premier!

This past summer the Arts Council and Joey Travolta's inclusion films put together a workshop for aspiring film makers with disabilities.  The students got to go through the entire process of making a film from concept to completion and the result of their efforts was a 30 minute short film entitled "Zombie High".  Andy's company, Higher Definition Media, was able to help in the production of "Zombie High" by providing audio recording and editing for the film.

"Zombie High" premier on October 22nd at the Bakersfield Fox Theater and Andy and I got to go!  It was really fun!  I've decided going to premiers is one of my new favorite things to do.  Everything was great.  First of all I got to meet Joey Travolta!  It's not everyday you get to meet someone famous.  Before they previewed the film they showed clips of the filmakers in action, kind of a behind the scenes, and interviews with each of the workshop students.  It was fun to watch, it's obvious they all had a great time making the movie and I'm sure they learned a lot in the process.

After the introductions and behind the scenes were done they played the movie and I was really impressed.  I thought everyone did a great job and I really enjoyed the movie!  It was an entertaining mix of zombie flick meets the 80's movie "The Breakfast Club".  And as far as I know was done with all local talent.  It was also mentioned they were discussing doing a feature film and shooting it right here in Bakersfield which was really exciting.  It was a super fun night hanging out with Andy and getting to support such a great cause! 

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