Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our cat Frankie

We recently lost our cat Frankie.  She was a great cat!  I really should have been nicer to her.  She was a stray.  When we moved in she started hanging out around the house and sleeping on the porch or under the rosebush.  The kids really bonded with her and for the most part she was good with them.  She knew her limits and when the kids annoyed her she just walked away and under the fence where she usually sat and watched them play.  I never had to worry about her. She was a lone wolf and came and went as she pleased.  She never expected things but she always showed so much gratitude for the things I did do for her.  She was a great little mouse catcher. She was also a big fan of bunnies and squirrels although I really don't miss finding them on my front yard. Another thing I'll always miss is how she always greeted me when I came home.  She'd usually be on the lawn in front of my inlaws home. As soon as she spotted us she would run to the back and always be at our front porch when we got out of the car.  The last thing, I always knew she would be there when I got home and at night I knew she would always be there. Just something about her consistency was calming to me and I will always miss her for that.  She really was the ideal cat.  We haven't told the kids yet. We're hoping they just forget which is sort of sad.  I don't want them to feel sad but at the same time I don't want them to completely forget her. That's really the biggest part of why I'm writing this so in a few years they can look at her pictures and remember how great she was.  I know she's being taken care of now though so it's not all sad. She probably somebodies indoor cat now being fed fancy cat food and getting pet all the time up in heaven.

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