Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween '08

Halloween this year was, in a word... survivable!  Let's just say I was a bit of an overachiever that day but all in all we did good.  I learned a few very valuable lessons and hopefully next year will be better.  The first valuable lesson learned is that 2 year olds and scary movies DO NOT mix.  I had been begging to see something at the Fox Theater downtown so when I heard they were playing "Pooh's Heffalump Movie" there I thought I got my wish.  I heard about it last year but wasn't able to go for whatever reason so this year I totally jumped at the chance to take the kids.  Andy was totally sweet and stopped by the theater early to get us tickets.  I got the kids all ready and in their costumes and we headed out.  Little did I know that in fact it wasn't the Pooh movie but instead it was "Monster House" [said in a scary and slightly sarcastic tone].  I had never heard of it before but I figured, "it's just a kids movie, what could it hurt?".  Yeah... let's just say I learned my lesson.  We didn't even get a chance to sit down before the movie got scary.  I had the kids sit down anyway... dumb.  And I kept my eye on Evelyn to see how she would take it.  Minutes later that well known scary music rings up and I put my arm around her to make sure she's alright and she's shaking, not kidding.  Then on the screen out creeps this scary hand shadow and grabs the kid and Evelyn jumped so bad.  I looked down at her and she looked like she was almost in tears.  I asked her if she wanted to stay and watch or go home and she very quietly told me "I wanna go home".  It was so sad.  She totally gets it from me.  I hate scary movies!  Every once in a blue moon (usually Halloween) Andy can talk me into watching one but I almost always regret it for weeks after.  Poor Evelyn, she wouldn't sleep in her bed that night, probably afraid some giant hand would reach up and grab her, and it took several nights and some serious talking to convince her there were no monsters.  Anyway, luckily we were sitting in the far back, close to the door, so 10 minutes into the movie we snuck out and went shopping for Halloween bargains.  Which brings me to my next lesson learned;  Halloween bargains DON'T EXIST.  I was really hoping to get some cute Halloween stuff and at the very least get the kids' Halloween costumes for next year.  Yeah, so after spending hours and dragging the kids into 6 different store I didn't find anything.  Most of the stores didn't have anything and what few did have stuff it was stuff that was still on the shelf for a reason AND usually it was only like 30% off.  RIP OFF!  So anyway, no luck. 
So the kids and I gave up and went to my sisters for some good cousin time.  No complaints here.  My sister is always great company and that day was no exception.  We totally enjoyed being there and that was a huge highlight of the day. 
 The plan next was that Andy was going to get off work and we were going to hit up the pumpkin patch and get some dang cute pictures of the kids.  We were going to do it days before but
let's just say procrastination got the best of us.  Andy got off work later than expected and we planned to meet up at the Banducci Farms Pumpkin Patch and that's when I learned lesson #3;  Don't procrastinate going to the pumpkin patch if you really want to go AND lesson #4;  The pumpkin patch closes early on Halloween.  We arrived at the pumpkin patch 
with 10 minutes to spare.  On the plus side the kids got to pick out their pumpkin and I did ultimately get the adorable pumpkin patch pictures that I seriously could not live without.  After rushing the pumpkins we had at least an hour or so before the ward Halloween party started so we stopped for dinner and playtime and then I learned 
lesson #5;  DO hit up 2 Truck or Treats for more candy and more fun.  We drove across town to our old wards Halloween party and was surprised to find out that my cousin's husband (who's also the ward planner for a different ward) had combined two wards into one so I got to see my awesome cousins and all our old friends.  After making an appearance there and getting the sweet candy hookups we headed back over to our own ward party and got there just in time to talk to a few people and get in on yet another Trunk or Treat.  We had fun!  
All day I practiced with Evelyn getting her to say Trick or Treat and in the car she did great but when it came down to it she refused to say it to any one else.  I think she was still a little stunned by the aforementioned activity but to her credit by the end of the night she showed little to no fear in at least walking up to each trunk, candy is a pretty strong motivator.  The kids were super cute in their borrowed costumes; Evelyn as Tiger and Preston as a monkey, we got tons of candy, and even learned a few lessons on the way.  Let's just be glad we have an entire year until we get to do it all over again.
Upon writing this post I couldn't help but remember and look back at last years Halloween.  I can't believe how much the kids have changed!

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  1. We enjoyed seeing you guys! I always forget that Evelyn and Andrew share a birthday. Every time I see her, I think, "I wonder how old she is now?" DER...