Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Maybe Life Isn't So Bad After All

May 6, 2008~

I've realized one great benefit about living with my in laws. They have the most gorgeous back yard ever and to top it off a beautiful sparkling pool. Yeah, so this may actually be the summer I get a tan. I seriously plan on spending at least 5 out of 7 days in the pool. Yesterday, I took the kids on their first swim of the season. They both really liked it! So much so that Preston fell asleep in his floaty and Evelyn refused to get out. I am so glad that they both love the water. My thinking is that by the end of summer I'm going to have two little water babies on my hands. It's going to be a great summer, that's for sure!

Another new thing for us is that Evelyn, by default (since her crib is somewhere in our storage unit), is now sleeping in a big bed and doing surprisingly well. I always imagined that as soon as we switched her over she would be staying up until all hours of the night, wandering around and getting into all kinds of unsupervised trouble but she's actually been really great. It does help a lot the fact that she hasn't yet learned how to open doors. At the moment she's sleeping on a mattress on the floor. There's actually plenty of beds for her to sleep in but I'm not sure she's quite ready for that. She moves around SO much in her sleep, it's hilarious. One night when I was at my sister Evelyn fell asleep on the couch and I walked out of the room to get something. A few minutes later I heard a loud thud and I run over to see Evelyn laying sprawled out on the floor. I couldn't believe it, she had actually fallen off of the couch and didn't even wake up. For that reason alone she's better off as close to the ground as possible. Despite the fact that she moves around so much, she is a great sleeper and she's been sleeping great ever since we moved out here. I am certainly blessed for that!

Another new advancement for me is that I have a new calling. It didn't take long at all, we've only been in the ward for 2 weeks, but it helps when 2 of Andy's cousins are in the Primary Presidency. I am the new CTR8 Teacher and Assistant Achievement Day Leader. I couldn't be happier! If I got to pick any age group in primary to teach, it would be the 8 year olds. They are at the age where they actually understand things but they are still young enough to still be eager to listen and learn. Plus it's such an important year for them since they all get to be baptized this year. Achievement days should be a lot of fun too! I'm super excited to start going to the activities and meeting all the 8-11 year old girls. Our new ward seems really nice. It's small so everyone seems eager to welcome us into the ward. I can't even count how many people came up to us the first week and introduced themselves. I already miss the Monica Ward and all our friends but it does help that we are moving into another great ward.

The last little tid bit I wanted to mention is about Evelyn. Lately I've been working with her on her colors. I'll point to something and tell her what color it is and then I'll turn it around and ask her what color it is and no matter what color it is she always says YELLOW. She is totally stuck on the color yellow. To her EVERYTHING is yellow. I'm starting to think that all she sees is yellow. Yellow pants, yellow counter tops, yellow.. yellow.. yellow. It is a bit comical. It's funny because she knows the names of the colors but she just can't associate them with the actual color. So to her everything is just "yellow" (and on some very rare occasions BLUE). Maybe she figures if she just keeps guessing yellow she'll eventually get the answer right. Who knows?

Oh yeah, there is one more thing. Evelyn, for some reason, has started calling me by my first name. I think it's because we've been spending so much time around other people so that's what she hears other people call me by. I'll admit it's pretty cute. She alternates between my name and mommy. I guess whichever gets my attention. The cutest part is the way she says it, Amer; just completely leaving the B out. I keep thinking that I'd better correct her but I get so much of a kick out of it that I just haven't done it yet.

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  1. Hey, maybe we'll have to come over sometime, lol!

    When Cecily was first learning her colors, everything was blue. She finally realized that there were indeed other colors!

    That's funny, I think the CTR 8 class was my least favorite. I have loved the nursery, sunbeams and CTR 5.