Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Movies, Movies, Movies

Being that I'm 9 months pregnant and can't even tie my shoe without great dificulty I haven't been able to do a whole lot except clean my house and watch movies; SO... needless to say I've watched quite a few movies lately. So many in fact that I thought I'd keep an updated list on the far right side of my page under the family pictures of the last 10 movies that I've watched. If anyone wants feel free to comment on any of them and/or make suggestions on what I should watch next. I'll pretty much watch anything as long as it's not scary or R rated. I really hope this baby comes soon because I'm afraid that I may run out of movies to watch.


  1. I understand your how your feel. I definitly will check out your movies next but wanted to suggest something that I just thought of. In order to keep busy you might try FamilySearch Indexing. It was something that Grandpa Nelson pointed out last time I was there and then in the August Ensign there was an article about it. Pg 34-41. That is if Evey will let you do it. Don't worry that cutie Preston will be here soon.

  2. By the way I have only seen 3 out of that list. You've got Mail, Along came Polly, and 13 going on 30. Have you really watched that many movies since you watch Terabithia at my house? WOW!!!

  3. If you're in the mood for a kinda dumb comedy watch the movie "Dirty Work"... it's fairly hilarious.