Friday, April 29, 2011

All about Preston

The kids continue to grow at an alarmingly fast pace so in my attempt to capture and preserve the memories of their ever changing childhood here's the latest news on our little ones...

Aug. 21st, 2010- Preston's 3rd Birthday

Starting with Preston.  He's 3 1/2 now and continues to be the most adorable boy ever.  Size-wise his doctor says he's in the top 90th% for height and 75th% for weight.  If he had his choice he'd eat corn dogs or PB&J sandwiches every meal of the day.  He likes his hair to be "spiky" as he says.  He continues to be a very affectionate kid, always wanting to sit on someone's lap and voluntarily giving away hugs and kisses, especially to me, which I love!  In the morning when Andy leaves for work he climbs in bed and snuggles with me.  He know calls me Momma instead of Mom or Mommy.  He's a typical boy in the fact that he has WAY more energy than necessary.  For the most part he gets along with his sister although their fights have increased significantly in the past couple months.  When he talks about his sister he either refers to her as "sister" or "Evewyn".  He still can't quite get his L's right.  Whenever we correct him he sticks his tongue out too far to make the L sound.  Part of me secretly hopes he never outgrows it but I know he will eventually.

  Jan. 29th, 2011

He's obsessed with anything video game related from XBOX to Iphone.  Anytime my phone is out of place he's the one I go to to find it.  Speaking of games one of his favorite past times is playing either Candyland, Shoots and Ladders or Hungry Hungry Hippos.  His favorite color is black "just like his daddy's" he says.  From the time he was little he's always had THE most adorable speech and he constantly surprises me by how complete and accurate his sentences are and the crazy big words he knows.  His latest accomplishment since we moved into our new house is that he is now night potty trained!  I wish I could say I had something to do with it but to be completely honest it was all him and he had so few accidents it was almost too easy.  I can now very happily say that I haven't changed a single diaper this year!

 Mar. 26th, 2011

Preston is a new Sunbeam this year and I'm so proud to be one of his teachers!  I love seeing him every Sunday interact with the other kids in his class and with the other two teachers.  He's such a great listener and proves to be a good example to the other kids every week.  I know I'm a little biased but I personally think he's the best in his class ;)  He's always so polite, listens to the lessons and correctly answers questions.  He's happily learning the songs in primary and he's made a lot of progress since his first attempt at singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam".

Jan. 16th, 2011  

 Preston was so excited to go to his second week of Sunbeams that he got up and dressed himself!  He put his favorite church vest on inside out with no shirt underneath paired with sweats.  He walked into my bedroom and says "Momma, I'm ready for church!"  Obviously I couldn't help but take his picture.

 Sept. 15th, 2010

One recent funny story about Preston happened the other day at the grocery store.  You see, one thing he learned a while ago from his dad is that it's funny to slap mom in the bum and he does it all the time.  And embarrassing as it may be I have to admit it is kind of cute and funny.  However the other day at the grocery store he was his usual crazy self and thought it would be funny to try it on someone other than me...  He slapped the butt of an older gentleman getting milk out of the refrigerator section and started laughing hysterically.  The guy didn't even acknowledge Preston but I got some pretty interesting looks from everyone else.  Luckily that was the first and last time he's done that!

Jan. 25th 2011

One of my favorite things right now is getting to spend so much one on one time with Preston.  Since Evelyn is in school two days a week for a couple hours we've kind of made that our special time.  Among other things we've played at the park, enjoyed turning our mouths red and blue eating slurpees at Walmart, visited the dollar store, the pet store and as shown in the picture above we picked out and ate fresh doughnuts from the bakery!  Preston of course picked the chocolate covered one.  One day we went to the grocery store and his only request was that I hold his hand the entire time.  How could I say no to such a request :)  Whatever we do it's always fun!

I'm so blessed to be his Momma!


  1. Oh I have such a cute Nephew! I just want to give him a big hug! He is one of the best huggers I know and I miss him!!

  2. He is so ridiculously cute, Amber! I even want to give him a giant hug.