Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dewar's Field Trip

The kids in front of the notorious Dewar's sign.

Nothing beats a Dewar's peanut butter chew except a peppermint ice milk!  Mmmm...  Being a staple in Bakersfield living Evelyn's preschool class got to take a tour of this delicious-making establishment. 

 Evelyn's preschool class minus one.  Preston (unofficial member), Meghan, Zane, Evelyn & Mia.

For the first part of the tour we all got to wear these nifty hair nets. The funny thing is the only kid that cared about wearing one is Preston. He was worried it didn't make him look "cool".  I eventually talked him into wearing one only to have him hid behind me so no one could see his embarrassment.  

 We got to watch a machine stretch and pull the white part and then they added a massive log of the peanut butter part to assemble a GIANT peanut butter chew... If I remember right I believe he said this weighed about 35 pounds and made 15,000 chews!  

 Then it was moved over to another machine that pulled the giant chew into a very long even snake that then got cut and wrapped.  We even got to try a sample! 

Then our guide showed the kids where they make and store the ice-cream. And we learned the difference between ice milk and ice cream. Ice milk has half the fat but double the sugar! 

 "Who wants ice-cream!" asked the tour guide.  "Me, me, ME!" shouted the class.

 Afterwards, the kids got to choose their own flavor ice cream (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry)!

Preston picked chocolate and Evelyn picked strawberry.

 Zane and Troy

 In case you're interested the tour is only $4 per person and includes a scoop of ice cream and a $1 off coupon for your next visit.  Check out their website for more information. 

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