Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Letter From Evelyn

Dear Eliza,

  This is Evey.  Eliza is so sweet.  I love her.  I want her to go to my house and I want her to play in my room and then I want to write her name.  I want her to play with blocks.  I'm doing good.  Lately I played outside and go to Grandma's house with Charlie.  Evie was being there and Preston was being there.  Do you like deer?  I like deers and giraffes.  Preston likes sharks and Preston likes fishies.  And I like my brother Preston.  I like bugs.  What do you like?  I love kangaroos.  Preston likes lions.  And I was a baby.  I was being good at my house.  And I love happy faces.  Happy faces are funny.
                     Love your cousin,

*This is Evelyn's first authentic letter.  I was just going to email it to my sister but it made me laugh so I figured it was blog worthy.  She came up with everything on her own.   


  1. Hi!
    Come check out my blog:
    AWW! cute blog! :)

  2. That is pretty impressive. And darn cute!

  3. How cute!! I love that girl!

  4. Adorable! It was good to see you and Andy. Thanks for the visit. See ya again soon!

  5. Awww. She remembered Charlie? So cute

  6. Don't worry Eliza's letter is in the mail. She wanted to send Evey a picture that she made so we sent her letter the snail mail way.