Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Girls Night Out~ New Moon Edition

For our most recent girls night out we saw none other than Twilight sequel New Moon!  First of all we saw it at the NEW Maya theater downtown and I have to say that theater is amazing!  It's super nice inside and we went on a Tuesday night so the tickets were discounted to only $6.00.  The movie itself was AWESOME!  As a tried and true Twilight fanatic, having read all the books, it's really hard NOT to like it.  I couldn't help but laugh at the awes and giddy giggles from people in the theater when Jacob took his shirt off for the first time.  Jacob seriously dominated in the shirtless category.  I mean come on, it wasn't even close!  Go Team Jacob!

Thanks girls for going out with me and preserving some much needed sanity and thanks Andy for watching the kids for me.

Me, Mom, Lilly, Nichole & Grandma
at the Maya Theater


  1. STILL haven't seen the movie myself. I know, that's bad isn't it? I feel like a total loser with all the women on planet earth.

  2. I couldn't even hear the movie through all of Sara's screams. I can't believe ManicMandee up there! Glad you had a great time and your husband watched his kids for you;)

  3. Wasn't Jacob a much better actor in this movie? He must act better with his shirt off. Or maybe his shirt has been distracting me from his acting.