Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phase Two The Movie

                                        Image by Kristi Wolverton

So I was thinking today and I realized that I have yet to introduce you all to Andy's latest project. I guess I just expected him to do it but he's been so busy lately I can see how he might have forgotten to write about it. So for anyone wondering what's been keeping this guy so busy lately it's the shooting of Phase Two, which is Andy's production company's latest film. Without giving anything away I can truthfully say it's going to be a excellent movie! And I'm not just saying that because my husband is the Producer and Director of Photography. It's filled with totally unexpected twists and turns and keeps you guessing all the way through. The cast is amazing! They have a whole range of personalities and they are all amazing actors and actresses. The crew; the cameramen, the boom mike operator, the sound guy, the lighting operator, etc are all doing such a great job. It's so interesting watching them because they each have their individual tasks to perform and they all work so well together. I have been so amazed by everyone working on the film, not only are they super nice but they're really motivated and as far as I can tell they each seem to be really great at what they do. And of course you can't forget about Craft Services! Andy's parents, Liz & Greg, have done a terrific job feeding all the hungry cast and crew. I've been lucky enough to get up there twice, once to watch a few scenes and today to help with the food. It was so exciting to be there and watch Andy in his element and really feel like a part of it all. The little bit of footage I have seen looks incredible! I seriously can't wait to see Phase Two in it's entirety. Do I sound a little obsessive about this movie or what?

Phase Two is a Sci-Fi thriller set in a post-apocalyptic future as survivors of a deadly virus try to adapt. Reynolds (John Ross Clark), a high strung professor, and Sonya (Jessica Erin Sylvia), his tough-minded assistant, fight to find a cure and take in a naive teen, Angela (Tattie Grace), who recently lost her father. Jim (Matt Thompson), a tough guy commando, and Eric (Robin Steffen), a scrawny movie quoting warrior, battle outlanders, gangs and infected while trying to salvage anything along the way. Frank (Shaun Paul Piccinino), an honest G.I., and Derek (Luke Bishop), a ruthless soldier, are sent on a mission that tests their morals.

I fixed the links in the previous post but just in case I'll post them again. The website, for the time being, doesn't have very much content on it but that will hopefully change here pretty soon.


The facebook page contains bios of the cast, pictures of the location, etc so be sure to check it out! And become a fan!


                                 Image by Kristi Wolverton

Lastly I wanted to wish my wonderful mother-in-law a Happy Birthday! She's as good as they get! She is absolutely terrific and I want her to know how much I appreciate her. Thank you for bringing my wonderful husband into this world and raising him to be the talented and loving man that he is. Happy Birthday Liz!


  1. I love movies/books set in post-apocalyptic futures! (Ahem, Hunger Games) Is it scary? Like a horror movie? Or just suspenseful?

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments. You are such a joy!