Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eye Candy (Pt 3)

Unlike the last two pieces of "Eye Candy", I did not create this. However, I do claim the discovery of said "Eye Candy". This is defiantly a rare find, a jewel, a diamond in the rough. I hope that you will all enjoy and appreciate the "peachy" nature of this masterpiece.

A couple of observations:
1. Did Amy have a right arm transplant or something? Looks like she traded with a Jamaican.
2. Jenny and Sarah both seem to be quite upset that they didn't get a pearl necklace... or lace bib.
3. Emily gets the award for poofiest sleeves.
4. How did Becky get out of this one? Apparently she was the bride!
5. I wonder what the photographer at the studio was thinking?


  1. Eye candy indeed! Who are those people?

  2. I'm hoping for your sake that most of these girls live out of town.....or I'd be watchin' my back if I were you. wow.

  3. We weren't mad about the pearl necklace, we were mad that we didn't get one of those gorgeous lace bib overlays.

    And the reason becky is not in the picture is bc she was the bride. This was her bridesmaid picture.

  4. YES!! I wish I still had that dress in my closet. Seriously.

  5. I LUV my nieces like candy!!

  6. Becky had the largest group of bridesmaids of anyone I knew. But we loved it.

  7. You guys made great bridesmaids!

    We did a wedding for a Tongan couple that had 20 bridesmaids. What a pain! They were cute, but not NEAR as good looking as this bunch.